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Kimberly Williams, Executive Director


Kimberly joined the GSV staff in the summer of 2013. After graduating with a BA in Public Communication from American University in Washington, DC, Kimberly served and then worked on staff for a yearlong volunteer program called Mission Year in Oakland, CA. During the course of her professional and volunteer experience she has worked in the fields of community development, addiction, homelessness, education, and volunteer support. Kimberly came to the Good Shepherd Volunteers from the Lasallian Volunteers, a program of the De La Salle Christian Brothers, where she was the Associate Director for two years.

Kimberly has a MA in Theology and a MA in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA. She is a contributing writer to the Fuller Youth Institute and has developed retreat and workshop curriculum on topics including self-care, cultural engagement, urban spirituality, and contemplation.

She was drawn to the GSV program because the four tenets of spirituality, social justice, community, and simplicity and the mission resonate with her deeply. She has personally and professionally seen the impact that a year of service can have on the volunteer and those they serve.

“My volunteer experience offered me the opportunity to see new perspectives and to thoughtfully integrate my values into my life. More than a decade later I can still see tangible ways that one year is impacting me today.”

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 Lindsey Peletier, Program Coordinator


Lindsey joined the GSV staff as the Program Coordinator in the fall of 2014. She is originally from Long Island and is looking forward to living in New York after 3 years living in different regions of the country. After receiving her BA in Psychology from Rider University in New Jersey, she spent the next two years serving with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in New York City and Oakland, California. From there, Lindsey moved to Chicago to pursue a MA in Social Justice and Community Development while working at a retreat center focusing on social justice education.

Lindsey has experience working on a wide variety of social justice issues; her passions focus on education, women’s rights, and access to holistic health care. “My experience as a volunteer transformed my way of life. By living out the values of social justice, simple living, spirituality, and community, my perspective on the world is always broadening. I have learned that I play a role in our society, and that nothing will change unless I too take action to create change.”

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Rachael Brugman, Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator


Rachael first joined GSV as a volunteer in 2014, when she served at the Good Shepherd Shelter in Los Angeles, helping women and their children who were escaping domestic violence. She is drawn back to the GSV program because of the resonating tenants, the ever-growing support network, and the opportunities to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Rachael is originally from Northeast Nebraska, where most of her family currently lives. She graduated from the University of Nebraska–Omaha with a bachelor’s degree in Child, Youth, and Family Studies with a minor in Psychology. Upon graduation, Rachael joined Amate House Volunteers, a Chicago-based program, where she served at a local daycare center. With each volunteer experience, her love of service and intentional community grew and opened her eyes to a new way of life.

“My volunteer experiences have changed my life and shaped me into the person I am today. GSV has taught me that any act of service, big or small, can make a difference in someone’s life as well as my own. I couldn’t be happier to share with others how a year of volunteering can change your life forever.”

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