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Program Information

Application Process

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We emphasize a personal approach in our application process. As demonstrated in our application, we want to look beyond your professional resume and learn more about you as a person. Our goal is to find the best match between your unique gifts and our placement needs.

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The admissions process begins when you submit a GSV Domestic Application. After the application is reviewed by the GSV Admissions Board, we invite you for a phone interview (or an in-person interview if you are in the New York City area). If we mutually agree that this is a good fit, our next step is identifying a placement site with you. Once an ideal placement site is identified, you have a phone interview with the site’s volunteer supervisor. After that interview, if it is determined by all parties that the placement is a good fit, you are accepted to GSV.

For applicants to GSV International, it may be determined through the course of the International admissions process that the candidate might be a better fit for the GSV Domestic Program. If this is the case, GSV staff will notify the applicant and invite them to consider our domestic site placements. The applicant would not have to fill out a Domestic Application if they have already filled out an International Application.

Who Can Apply?

Good Shepherd Volunteers welcomes applications from anyone at least 21 years of age and with at least Bachelor's degree. We welcome applicants from outside the US who are able to secure their own Visa.

Application Deadlines

Domestic Program

Priority Deadline - March 1
Final Deadline - July 1

International Program

Priority Deadline - February 1
Final Deadline - April 1

Applications are processed and placements are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  We encourage you to apply as early as possible. If you are applying after the final deadline, please contact the GSV staff to inquire about possible openings.

Length of Service (Service Term)

Domestic Program

  • Service terms are for a 1-year commitment, beginning in August and ending in the following August
  • All volunteers are welcome to renew for a 2nd year or to consider applying to the GSV International Program

International Program

  • 12-15-month minimum commitment, beginning in August and ending the following Fall
  • Volunteers are encouraged to stay at their placement for a 2nd year