THE 4 TENETS: Social Justice. Spirituality. Community. Simplicity.
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International Sites

Santiago, Chile

Mother Josefa Foundation

The foundation was started in 2003 by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in Chile. The mission of the foundation is to provide training opportunities and improved quality of life for vulnerable people in an environment of peace that allows the human and spiritual development of all our participants. Good Shepherd Volunteers serving at this placement have a wide range of opportunities to serve, such as working in a teaching garden, accompanying the elderly, administering workshops to local woman in a variety of topics.

Child Sponsorship Program in Santiago

The Santiago Sponsor Site is involved in the most vulnerable districts of Santiago, Chile, where children and young people live with their families in shanty towns. In these districts, specific sets of social problems can be observed, such as high drop-out rates, drug use and trafficking, and family violence, among others. The Site focuses on improving the living conditions of children, teenagers, and the elderly and promotes family communication. It is committed to providing a service of love to people in need. Its objective is to strengthen the family and community in their role as agents of protection and personal and social development. The Site strives to give training and education to mothers. They partner with institutions that give these services. Several mothers of sponsored children have received training in food handling, baking, chocolate making, hair-dressing, massage therapy, dress making, etc. Together they learn crafts, go to personal development workshops, and build the tools they need to form mutually supportive communities and to become self-sustaining. Good Shepherd Volunteers serving at this site will work in both an administrative capacity as well as in direct service through the workshops with the mothers.